Jan 03 2013

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From President’s Desk…….


Dear  Members,

It was really very encouraging to see such large gathering coming early in the morning to                  soak in the knowledge which will be  dispensed through the course of this conference.

The tone of things to come was already been set by the Pre  Conference CME on Diabetes             Update series, which we all saw was very successful with more than 350 delegates attending  on daily basis for 3 consecutive days.

The high level of presentations made by the eminent speakers during the pre conference                   generated a lot of interest & I am sure that the galaxy of eminent speakers we have today will be the  icing on the cake.

The journey of scientific conference started in 1983 in our branch  under the leadership of the,             then President, Madame Dr. Gul Malvankar  at Hotel Palm Grove.

This has been an annual feature barring few exceptions. Usually the conference is held in                    our own premises, but this year due to request from many members we decided to have it                 outside on a grandeur scale.

CME has been the prime activity of our branch and we are the  masters in giving scientific feast.

Today the medical fraternity is being subjected to a lot of regulations by the Govt., who is in a process of  imposing the draconian  “Clinical Establishment Act”.  Doctors, all across the  board, need  to stand united in opposing this act for our own benefit. Our  future generation  will never excuse us for this predicaments due  to our doings todays.

As you all are aware, an event of this magnitude cannot be  organized without good team                    work.  I would like to thank all my sincere & dedicated colleagues who helped me in this                 mammoth task, particularly those who stood by me through thick  &  thin and for their untiring  efforts since last  1 ½ Month.

My Sincere thanks to

Dr. Sanjay Dudhat,                    Dr. Parthiv Sanghvi,              Dr. Jayesh lele,

Dr. B. S. Mehta,                         Dr. Akil Contractor,                           Dr. S. K. Joshi,

Dr. Subodh Kedia,                    Dr. N. R. Vaidya,                               Dr. Mehul Bhatt,

Dr. Ronak Shah,                        Dr. Suhas Kate,                                 Dr. Deepak Jumani,

Dr. Suhas Patwardhan,             Dr. Manohar Bachani,                      Dr. Rashmikant Sanghvi,

Dr. Ashok Shetty  of The Lalit Hotel, Dr. (Mrs.) Pramila Gandhi

I also thank and acknowledge the exemplary contribution put in by our office staff.

I also thank all the pharma companies who have helped us and all the attending delegates for making this conference a grand success.

Wishing you all a very very Happy & prosperous New Year ahead.

Long Live IMA !

Dr. (Mrs.) Alka B. Mehta



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